Ten Vs Movies I want to see

Recently it was reported that there will be a King Kong vs Gozilla film in the future which will showcase the two giant monsters going toe to toe in an epic battle of the beasts. In March 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will see The Dark Knight take on The Man of Steel in a spectacular superhero showdown.

Hollywood seems keen on combining characters from pre-existing franchises into one film in order to make them fight each other, and while there have been some unsuccessful attempts (the bad Freddy vs Jason and the even worse Alien vs Predator films), both King Kong vs Godzilla and Batman v Superman have the potential to provide amazing crossovers.

In anticipation of these films I’ve created a list of ten crossover films that I would like to see.

10. The Terminator vs The Shermanator: American Sky-net


I imagine this one wouldn’t last very long as that geeky ginger kid from the American Pie movies wouldn’t stand a chance against Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ruthless killer cyborg. Maybe The Shermanator would be better off enlisting Jim, Stifler and co to help him take on the T-800. Still, The Terminator would without doubt see off all of the American Pie gang faster than you can say “I’ll be back”.

Winner: The Terminator

 9. Blade vs Twilight: The Duel of the Daywalkers


This isn’t so much a contest I particularly want to see – I just want to Wesley Snipes’ Blade kill the sh*t out of the stupid glittery somehow-walking-in-the-sunset vampires from the Twilight movies. Blades wrath doesn’t have to stop at Edward Cullen and his fellow irritating teen vamps, I want to see him unleash his fury on Kristen Stewart’s annoyingly moody Belle and that dumb corny werewolf dude. Hell, I want Blade to go on a rampage against any and every character who ever featured in those awful Twilight movies.

Winner: Blade

8. Tony Manero vs Billy Elliot: Dance Off


Unlike the majority of the “Vs” movies on this list, this film would probably have no violence between the titular foes but it could be as equally fun to watch as the violent ones. Both Billy Elliot and Tony Manero are young men (obviously Billy’s younger) who come from working-class backgrounds and like nothing more than to use the empowering nature of boogying-on-down to help than escape their surroundings.  Picture the scene: Tony on one side of the dance floor, Billy on the other – staring each other down as they prepare to embark on an epic dance-off. I’m gonna have to side with Tony winning as personally I’m more of a disco guy than a ballet guy.

Winner: Tony Manero

7. Spider-Man vs Ant-Man: Battle of the Bugmen


Out of all the imaginary “Vs” movies on the list, this showdown of superheroes has the most chance of actually happening in some fashion as Tom Holland’s brand new Spider-Man and Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man will both appear in Marvel’s upcoming scrap of the superheroes – Captain America: Civil War. Whether or not Arachnid-Man and Insect-Man will be on the same team or on opposing sides remains to be seen, but if they do square off, it should an interesting fight. While Ant-Man proved he’s a force to be reckoned with in his own solo flick, Marvel would surely have their new acquisition and poster boy Spider-Man coming out on top.

Winner: Spider-Man

6. Beatrix Kiddo vs Gazelle: Duel of the Divas


In Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant Kill Bill films, Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) proved she was deadly with a samurai sword (especially in that memorable scene in 2003’s Kill Bill: Volume 1) while Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) showed she was equally dangerous with a blade (or should I say two) as she stole the show earlier this year as the henchwoman with swords in her prosthetic legs in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingman: The Secret Service. This is a tough one to call as both lethal ladies kicked major ass, but Gazelle just shades it as she has two swords to Beatrix’s one.

Winner: Gazelle

5. Cher Horowitz vs Regina George: Prom Queen Pandemonium


Another non-violent crossover – although I personally wouldn’t be opposed to seeing these two hot girls in a catfight!  Instead Alicia Silverstone’s Cher and Rachel McAdam’s Regina would have to battle it to see who’s the most  popular, who’s the most attractiveness, who’s the best dressed and who could do the most shopping. Both seem to be equally matched in the popularity/beauty/fashion sense/shopping ability stakes but Regina’s mean streak would probably mean (there I go again) that she shades it as her bitchiness would overpower Cher’s sweetness.

Winner: Regina

4. Gordan Gekko vs Jordan Belfort: War on Wall Street


Similar to the previous entry on the list, there probably would be probably be no violence in this crossover. Instead it would be a battle of who could earn the most ill-gotten gains as Martin Sheen’s Gordon Gekko and Leonardo Di Capiro’s Jordan Belfort are both masters of getting money illegally. After the fight of the fat-cats, Gekko and Belfort would probably team up towards the end of the movie so they can get richer together. But there can only be one winner and my pick is Gordon Gekko as Sheen won an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of a greedy Wall Street tycoon while poor Di Caprio is still sadly waiting for his first Oscar win – don’t worry Leo, it’s going to come one day!

3. Gandalf vs Dumbledore: The War of the Wizards


This is an imaginary grudge match has been the source of many a heated debate among fanboys. The headmaster of Hogwarts going up against Gandalf the Grey would be a battle of epic proportions as both wizards are highly skilled in the art of spell-casting. Gandalf has his trusty staff while Dumbledore has his trusty wand – but deciding which wizard wields more power with their chosen pointy wooden thing is almost impossible. Both are magnificent with magic and have sorcery coming out of their wazooes. For me Gandalf takes the win simply because he’s played by the majestic Sir Ian McKellen.

Winner: Gandalf

2. Bond vs Bourne: Spy Wars


Just like the previous entry, this secret agent showdown has been often debated. Both are extremely lethal assassins who are equally skilled with a gun in their hands as they are at hand-to-hand combat. Matt Damon’s Bourne has risen out of the shadow of 007 to become his own bonafide superspy while Daniel Craig took his interpretation of Bond to new and unprecedented levels. This crossover would surely be a box office smash as audiences around the world would love to see these two go at it. After fighting each other they’d probably team up to face a greater foe, but of course there needs to be a winner. Picking a winner is extremely tough but due to his vast array of gadgets and larger pop-culture presence, I’m going to have to pick Bond.

Winner: Bond

 1. Star Wars vs Star Trek: Showdown in Space


This crossover would surely send nerds worldwide (including myself) into comas of excitement as the two biggest space-faring franchises combining would be beyond huge. If you can imagine Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia sharing a screen with Captain Kirk, Spock and Scotty without shaking frantically with delight  then there’s definitely something wrong with you (or you’re probably just not a geek). With the director of Star Trek (2009) and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) switching to another side of the galaxy to direct the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there’s a hope, however slim, that these two franchises could coexist. Picture the Millennium Falcon in mid-space battle with USS Enterprise. Hollywood make this happen! In regards to a winner, I’m going have to choose the Star Wars gang as – come on, those guys have lightsabres! Vssssccccch neeeeeeeeeoh!

Winner: Star Wars

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