The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Spoiler Review – ‘Thank You’

Warning- this contains spoilers!

After the previous two extraordinary episodes, it was difficult to imagine The Walking Dead being able to sustain such high quality throughout its sixth season. While this episode – titled ‘Thank You’ isn’t as insane as the previous two, it’s certainly just as action packed and even more emotional.

‘Thank You’ starts off with Rick and the gang on the run from Walkers thanks to that pesky horn coming from Alexandria, which we heard at the end of the premiere episode. Rick’s plan was to lead the humongous herd of Walkers far away from Alexandria but the plan soon went down the drain. Now our favourite group of zombiepocalypse survivors are faced with a tough dilemma: do they stick to the plan or do they head back home to find out what happened?

Rick decides to carry on with the mad mission on his own while sending the rest of the group back to Alexandria. Once again he shows his ruthless streak as he tells Michonne and Glenn to leave any Alexandrians behind if they can’t defend themselves. This split leads to some fantastic action as in true TWD fashion, everyone finds themselves in a great deal of trouble.

Rick giving Glenn and Michonne a pep talk
Rick giving Glenn and Michonne a pep talk

Ok enough recapping; let’s head straight into the juicy stuff.

Glenn (played by Steven Yeun)
Glenn (Steven Yeun)

Glenn (played by Steven Yeun) has never really been one of my favourite characters in TWD. He always seemed a bit too goody-shoes for me to root for him. While his penchant for doing the right thing is noble and admirable, his constant and unwavering nice-guyness in a show filled with good people slowly losing their humanity was sometimes irritating. Or maybe I was just jealous he was banging Maggie.

Anyway, in that fateful moment when he’s chewed up by a sea of Walkers, my initial reaction wasn’t what I thought it would be. When characters I’m not fond of bite the dust I’m normally quite pleased, but when Glenn died, I was surprisingly and genuinely sad to see him go.


Glenn’s been with us since the very second episode of TWD way back in 2010 and became a staple of the show ever since. His transformation from geeky pizza boy to full-fledged warrior made him a certified main character. His death was a complete and utter shock to the system as he seemed to be somebody who would stick around on the show for a while. There hasn’t been a death involving a character from season 1 for a very long time, so Glenn’s passing was a big, big surprise.

Being the good guy that he was, Glenn chose to forgive Nicholas after his cowardliness led Noah to die in season 5. Even though Nicholas somewhat redeemed himself, Glenn’s decision ended up being his downfall as his death is caused by Nicolas’ suicide. It seems Rick’s preaching earlier in the episode of the weak dragging down the strong rang true.

There’s theories swimming around online that Glenn isn’t really dead due to the fact that we don’t definitely see his body being feasted upon by the Walkers – it could be Nicholas who was being eaten as he fell on top of Glenn. Part of me hopes that this is true, while a bigger part doesn’t. If Glenn was to somehow survive it would feel like a bit of a cheap cop-out by the writers to save a longstanding character and play with the audience’s emotions. Plus we now get the feeling that anybody could die at any time, which gives the sometimes repetitive show some much needed unpredictability. Just please don’t kill Carol!

Apart from the massive emotional wallop, which probably should have come at the end for even more impact, the episode as a whole was quite good. It was packed full of tense scenes such as in the pet shop where the gang are hiding while being surrounded by Walkers, Michonne’s just-in-the-nick-of-time scramble up a fence and Rick taking on (and taking out) a bunch of Wolves.

Speaking of Rick, the episode ended on another cliff-hanger which sees our main man stuck in an RV and surrounded by zombies. After finding a bottle of baby food in one of the Wolves’ pockets, he’s desperate to get home and see if Judith’s alright, and it will be interesting to see how he finds his way out of his very sticky situation – if he does at all. Also Rick seemed to injure his hand – was he bitten?


We’ll find out in the next couple of episodes as I’m sure the following one will probably deal with the fallout from last week’s invasion by the Wolves. Either way, thanks to this episode I can’t wait for another edition of TWD and ‘Thank You’ scores a:


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