The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 Spoiler review – ‘Always Accountable’


After last week’s episode delivered us much more bore than gore, before this week’s instalment of The Walking Dead, I was desperately praying “Not another slow episode. Please God not another slow episode!”

And lo and behold, this week gives us yet another slow episode. The episode, titled ‘Always Accountable’, didn’t blow my socks off, but it wasn’t the dull affair I first feared.


In ‘Always Accountable’, we catch up with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, who we’ve not seen since Rick’s risky plan to lead away thousands of Walkers went down the toilet. Spending time with some of the show’s core characters definitely made a welcome change from watching the lifeless Alexandrians from last week.

The episode starts off with the trio finishing their Walker-shepherding and heading back home to Alexandria, but as in true TWD fashion, things don’t go quite to plan. They’re suddenly shot at by a mystery mob and forced to separate in escape from their unknown attackers. Sasha and Abraham shoot it out with the gunners while Daryl flees into the woods. From here, the episode splits into two plotlines.


Daryl’s story sees him held captive by two women and a man who plan to give him up to (presumably) the mystery group who shot at him and the others. He escapes from them but returns to help them out twice:  firstly he returns their insulin supply that he took and secondly leads them to run away from the angry mystery group when they arrive. And what does he get for his troubles? His trusty crossbow and motorbike stolen from him.

When he was cruelly robbed, I felt truly sorry for Daryl. I wanted to jump into the screen, give him a pat on the back and say “there, there Daryl. There, there.” I have a feeling he’ll run into them down the line and exact some sort of revenge.


I also have a feeling that we’ll meet with the mystery group again at some point in the future. They weren’t Wolves as they had guns and no ‘W’ branding, but like the Wolves, they’ll probably be at odds with Rick and the rest of Alexandria later on. Maybe they have something to with the comic’s big bad villain Negan, who was just recently cast, and who’ll debut at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham find themselves holed up in an abandoned office as they wait for Daryl to find them. As Sasha seems to have her head screwed back on after grieving over her brother Tyrese’s death, Abraham starts to lose the plot. It appears the zombiepocalypse has made him develop a death wish fuelled by a desperate need to kill Walkers. The constant threat of being chomped on by zombies has left him always on edge. After a heart to heart with Sasha and a strange screaming match with a Walker, Abraham learns that sometimes he needs to slow down and appreciate life while he can.


As always, Michael Cudlitz plays the ginger giant brilliantly. You know when Abraham’s heavily featured in an episode that he’s going to steal the show whether its saying some funny sh*t or kicking some zombie-ass or better yet both. And I can’t wait for the moment he uses that rocket launcher.

Although I did find his sudden declaration of love for Sasha a bit weird though when he already has the hot Rosita (who seems to be a bit of a wasted character so far this season) waiting back at Alexandria for him. But who knows, maybe an Abraham/Rosita/Sasha love triangle will develop.

Around midway through this episode, titled ‘Always Accountable’, Abraham growls “loose ends make my ass itch” – which is rather ironic as this yet another episode of The Walking Dead where season six’s gigantic loose end isn’t answered: is Glenn really dead? A real life zombiepocalypse would have most likely hit us by the time we find out.

The episode ends with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham reuniting and on their way back home when they hear a cry of ‘Help’ on a walkie-talkie. Something’s going down in Alexandria and we’re left lingering with a teasing cliff-hanger.

Overall ‘Always Accountable’ was a decent episode which allowed to check back in with three of the show’s more interesting characters. Hopefully they get to feature in the season more prominently as I can’t bear to watch the Alexandrians any more than I have to. There’s been three slow TWD episodes in a row, with last fortnight’s being excellent and last week’s being dire. This week’s was just simply good.   ‘Always Accountable’ scores a:


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  1. Great review! I’m looking forward to next week’s episode where, hopefully, *some* loose ends may be dealt with! Good job! I’ve followed your blog too!

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