The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 SPOILER Review – ‘Head’s Up’

Warning: this review contains spoilers!!!


It’s official: Glen is alive! After three weeks of teasing and diverting our attention to something else, The Walking Dead finally reveals that Glenn didn’t become Walker-food like we first thought.

The very first scene of this week’s episode, titled ‘Heads Up’, takes us back to that fateful moment at the end of episode 3, ‘Thank You’, where Glenn and the suicidal Nicholas fall into a crowd of Walkers. It was Nicholas’ guts that the Walkers gorged on, allowing Glenn to crawl his way to survival under a dumpster.

Speculation has run rampant over the last three weeks over whether Glenn was dead or not. Many fans called out the writers bluff immediately after ‘Thank You’ although I was unsure. I wanted Glenn to be dead as I felt his apparent death was quite a powerful moment but the longer the writers kept us in suspense, the more I thought that he would turn out alive.


When we finally learn what happened, the big reveal felt somewhat anticlimactic. The three week gap between ‘Thank You’ and ‘Heads Up’ took the sting out of any shock the writers intended us to have when we saw that Glen was alive. Some fans will feel cheated by the writers trick while others will feel relieved to finally get an answer. I honestly felt a bit of both and while originally wanting him to be dead, I was glad to see Glenn return. But from now on, whenever any major character is in a deadly situation, I’ll roll my eyes and think “they’re Glenning us again”.

After hiding from the mob of Walkers, Glenn comes across Enid, the mysterious turtle- eating teenage girl who left Alexandria when the Wolves came to town. Even after his caring of Nicholas nearly got him killed, Glenn refuses to leave behind Enid, who’s reluctant to return to Alexandria with him. He manages to convince her and the two make their way back home. Of course they find it’s been surrounded by hundreds of Walkers and release balloons in the air as a signal.

As well as reintroducing Glenn, ‘Head’s Up’ had some interesting drama. There’s a creaky broken tower building which nobody seems to notice as everyone’s wrapped up in their own issues.


Rick, Michonne and Carol have a serious sit-down with Morgan over his refusal to take another human’s life. It appears Morgan starts to have doubts on his ‘all life is precious’ philosophy but then enlists doctor Denise to help take care of his captured Wolf.  We’ve learnt that in the zombiepocalypse, it’s necessary to kill for survival and it seems that Morgan’s mercy is going to come back and haunt him. Or he’s going to flip out majorly and go on a shocking killing spree. Either way it’ll be intriguing to see how Morgan’s attempt at keeping peaceful plays out.


When the idiotic Spencer nearly gets himself killed, he’s saved by Rick and Tara. But then the ever-ruthless Rick shouts at Tara for risking her life for an Alexandrian. You can’t blame Rick for writing off the Alexandrian’s as useless weaklings  as so far they’ve not proven they’re strong enough to survive the harsh zombie-infested world. To be fair, in this episode Rick and the audience are finally shown that the Alexandrian’s have some spirit in them. Spencer’s plan was dumb but brave nonetheless. We see some Alexandrians get combat training by Rosita, who finally gets some meaningful screen time. And Ron is trained to shoot by Rick and Carl.


Ron’s desire to learn how to shoot may not just be for survival, however, as it looks like he has evil intentions to kill Carl. Ron’s hatred for Carl is understandable – Rick killed his dad, he did kinda steal Ron’s girlfriend Enid and he was a being patronising prat when teaching him how to shoot. Still, trying to murder him is a bit harsh and Ron creeping up behind Carl was an extremely tense moment.

So was the scene where the eagle-eyed Carol is about to confront Morgan after suspecting he’s hiding something. She’s about to find out what it is, around the same time Ron’s about do something bad to Carl and everyone spots Glenn and Enid’s balloons. But then suddenly the ignored tower collapses through the wall leaving Alexandria vulnerable to the army of Walkers outside which lead to an epic ‘OMG’ cliff-hanger ending.

Overall, a good episode which finally resolved Glenn’s fate, although it would have had much more impact if it had come two weeks ago. Still, it set up some interesting dilemmas for  next episode’s mid-season finale which, in true TWD fashion, will surely see some major sh*t going down. ‘Head’s Up’ scores a:


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