New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

Last week we were gifted with our very first look at Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War when the awesome teaser trailer debuted on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Not to be outdone by the comic book movie competition, WarnerBros/DC revealed a brand spanking new trailer for their highly-anticipated superhero showdown Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on the talk show last night.

Check out the trailer here:

Here are my thoughts on the trailer:

Clark Kent vs Bruce Waynebrucewayneclarkkent


Batman V Superman won’t just see The Dark Knight take on the Man of Steel as the men behind the costumes are at odds too. The trailer starts with Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne engaging in a serious passive aggressive bout over their respective costumed alter egos. If Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent already have a severe disliking of each other after their tense first meeting, then imagine the bad blood boling between Batman and Superman when they first come face to face.

Lex LuthorLex Luthor

When news broke of Jessie Eisenberg’s casting of Lex Luthor, I thought his performance would go one of two ways: he’ll either appear terribly miscast or he’ll be a surprisingly good villain. This new trailer has me swaying towards the latter as Eisenberg’s snarky sinister Luthor is a fresh take on the character that I’m very intrigued in seeing. He may be hamming it up a little bit as it looks like he’s playing Luthor with a hint of Joker or Riddler in him but I have a feeling that Eisenberg will deliver the goods. Or I should I say the bads (it’s not word but just go with OK).



We see Batman fighting some Superman soldiers in the desert while some winged alien-looking things do damage in the background. What are these weird flying creatures and what are they doing? Perhaps they’re related to Darkseid, as if you’ve read Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s brilliant New 52 Justice League run, you’ll know that Darkseid uses some similar looking alien henchmen.


After their superhero scuffle we knew that Batman and Superman would have to eventually bury the hatchet to face a greater threat which had been heavily rumoured to be Doomsday. Now we now that’s official as the villain made a shocking appearance in the trailer. It appears that his creation will be the result of Luthor experimenting on the corpse of General Zod, who of course infamously had his neck snapped by Superman in Man of Steel. While Doomsday looks like the lovechild of a Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle and the Abomination from The Incredible Hulk, as long as he’s a formidable foe for our heroes and tears sh*t up in a cool way his disappointing appearance will be forgiven.

Wonder Womanwonderwomanbvs

When Doomsday is about to unleash a face blast on a vulnerable Batman, Wonder Woman makes an appearance to save the Dark Knight’s skin. Similar to the casting of Ben Affleck (who has since won people over) and Jessie Eisenberg, Gal Gadot selection to play the Amazonian warrior princess raised many eyebrows. While the jury’s still out on whether the Iranian model-turned-actor will do the most iconic female superhero cinematic justice, one thing’s for sure: she’ll look badass! Seeing her stand next to Batman and Superman to unite ‘The Trinity’ was arguably the trailer’s most memorable shot.


Batman’s Voicebatmanvoice

Christian Bale’s notorious gravelly voice for his portrayal of the Caped Crusader has been the punchline of many jokes. Eager to differentiate this new Batman from Nolan’s, Snyder’s version will have his voice modulated using some sort of technology. Hopefully Batfleck’s computerised voice will be equally threatening but not as hilarious as Bale’s.


One of Man of Steel’s flaws was its lack of comic relief and with almost every Marvel film having more humour than Avengers: Age of Ultron had characters, DC’s rumoured ‘no jokes’ policy was a worrying prospect for their films. This trailer seemingly put any fear of no funniness to rest as there’s gags from Luthor, Bats and Supes. Here’s hoping the humour in the film isn’t limited to that shown in the trailer.


Trailers revealing too much of a film’s plot has been a rather annoying recent trend. This trailer looks like to be follow it as whole film appears to have been condensed into three minutes: Batman battles Superman, they kiss and make up and then team up to fight Doomsday with the help of Wonder Woman. Hopefully there’ll still be some mystery and secrets to be revealed as it would be a bit of a let-down if the trailer showed us a 3 minute version of a film that the word’s been so eagerly awaiting to see. We still don’t know how Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s Flash or Ray Fischer’s Cyborg will factor in the film. And there’s the rumoured appearance of Jena Malone as Robin or Batgirl. No more unnecessary reveals next trailer please Warner Bros!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in cinemas on March 25, 2016

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