Marvel and Netflix close to developing a spinoff Punisher series


Fans are eagerly awaiting season two of Marvel and Netflix’s smash hit superhero show Daredevil for a number of reasons and a major one will certainly be the appearance of The Punisher.

According to TVLine, after featuring in the new Daredevil season, the skull-chested gun-toting vigilante (played by former Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal) will receive his own spinoff show.


If this is true, then it’s extremely exciting news as if there is any Marvel character who would be the perfect fit for a gritty, street-level Netflix series, it would be The Punisher. In the hands of those who brought us last year’s hugely successful Daredevil and Jessica Jones, a Punisher solo series could be something great and erase the memories of the brandisher of lethal justice’s two failed movies.

As well as a potential Punisher series, Marvel has Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders coming to the small screen within the next couple of years.

dardedvil punsiher.JPG
an set photo of Daredevil season two featuring the horn-headed hero tied up by Jon Bernthal’s Punisher. image via Marvel/Netflix

Those waiting to catch their first glimpse of The Punisher will have to wait less than two months as Daredevil season two will be released on Netflix on March 18.

What do YOU think of the potential news? Feel free to leave a comment.

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