The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Review (No Spoilers!) – “Flash of Two Worlds”

After last week’s opener kicked things off in a strong way, this week’s episode further suggests that season 2 of the Flash will be just as good as the first, if not even better.


Titled “Flash of Two Worlds” the episode picks up straight where the last one ended with Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) announcing to Team Flash that they’re world is in grave danger. He explains that he’s from a different world – an alternate world rather than an alien world – which he’s found himself stranded from ever since the wormhole sucked him away.

Not only is he claiming to be from an alternate timeline but Jay also says that he’s that world’s version of The Flash. Still scarred by the painful depths of Harrison Well’s betrayal, Barry is untrusting of Jay and his extremely claims. His fear that Jay may be another imposter who pretends to be a mentor figure for him but secretly wants to cause him harm is put across in a very valid and understandable way. The reliable Grant Gustin displays how Barry’s past trauma leads to his paranoia in a very convincing way which deserves some credit.

Of course, those familiar with The Flash comics will know Jay’s true intentions and this episode builds upon the very brief but  exciting debut he made in at the end of last episode. It looks like Sears will be a very good addition to the show as he seemed to slot effortlessly in with the rest of the cast. His charismatic persona along with the backstory of the character in the comics makes me want to see a lot more of Jay in the future.

Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick
Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick

One odd thing about Jay’s addition to the episode was Caitlyn’s googly eyes for him. Considering she lost her husband for the second time six months ago, you’d think she’d be a little more reserved in her attraction. With The Flash being the show that it is, you do have to expect some soap-opearish moments and Caitlyn’s romantic tension with Jay even after her loss fits in with the show’s lighter and optimistic tone .

There’s another new addition to the show in the form of Patty Spivot (Shantel Van Santen) – a steely and determined young cop who’s desperate to join Joe’s defunct Anti-Metahuman squad. Her nerdiness leads her to quickly form a bond with Barry and the dynamic between the two looks like it could offer an interesting new direction in Barry and Iris’s Ross-and-Rachel will they/won’t they relationship.

 Shantel Van Santen as Patty Spivot
Shantel Van Santen as Patty Spivot

Like the majority of the villains on the show, this week’s super powered bad guy isn’t given much depth or screen time to make him particularly memorable. To be fair Sand Demon, who appears to be DC’s less well known version of Spider-Man’s villain The Sandman, looked a lot more real than last week’s rubbery Atom Smasher as the CGI for his sand-forming powers was quite convincing.

Once again we’re teased about the season’s overall big bad Zoom. This time we get to see the evil speedster briefly in action and although his appearance doesn’t reveal too much about the character it certainly makes you look forward to how Barry will take him on.

Our first look at Zoom!

Cisco’s unknown powers flaring up again and a blast from the past for Joe plant the seeds for some intriguing subplots for these supporting characters later down the line.


Another fun episode with another dramatic cliff hanger, season 2’s quick start suggests that fans of The Flash will have a brilliant season awaiting them. Look out for an Easter egg for a certain Emerald Archer, a cool new power for Barry and a shocking post credits tease too. “Flash of Two Worlds” scores a:


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    1. yeah I understand why they did it maybe they could have saved the romantic tension for later down the season. You’re right though, I don’t want to see them moping about either. Hoped you liked the episode and thanks for reading!

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