Deadpool Review

Hollywood is churning out superhero films like there’s no tomorrow and in an effort to keep the crowded comic book movie climate from turning stale and repetitive, studios are bringing some of the most obscure characters to life with winning results. … More Deadpool Review

Room Review

Based on the best-selling and award winning novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, who also wrote the script, the film revolves around 5 year old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his young Ma (Brie Larson) who are held captive in a small confined space they’ve named ‘Room’. … More Room Review

Creed Review

Creed sees Jordan play Adonis ‘Donnie’ Johnson, the illegitimate son of legendary deceased former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Eager to live away from the shadow of his famous father’s legacy, Donnie keeps his heritage hidden from the world. The raw but talented self-trained boxer reveals his secret to a certain Mr Balboa … More Creed Review

New Wonder Woman image and cast details officially released

The first official image from the upcoming Wonder Woman film has been released by leading lady Gal Gadot on Twitter. The Israeli actress posted the first look of her as Wonder Woman from her own solo movie to mark the opening day of principal photography. Check out the photo here: While the image doesn’t reveal any … More New Wonder Woman image and cast details officially released

Christopher Nolan’s Memento to be remade

In 2000, visionary director Christopher Nolan’s directed his breakout effort Memento, which became somewhat of a cult classic. Now, fifteen years later, Memento is being remade by AMBI Pictures who will finance and produce their new version. The noir thriller Memento starred Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby, a short term amnesia sufferer who goes on … More Christopher Nolan’s Memento to be remade

Vin Diesel hints at Fast and Furious spin offs

According to lead star and producer Vin Diesel, the already booming Fast and Furious franchise may be kicking into an even higher gear as there are plans to develop prequels and spin offs. In an interview with Variety, Diesel discussed how the creative team behind the hugely successful film series are currently in the early … More Vin Diesel hints at Fast and Furious spin offs